We manufacture and supply various awning options to suite everyone’s style with a wide variety of colours ranging from the Ripstop canvas selection to the Top of the range canvas selection. Here are some guidelines to consider.

Pram, Wedge and Dome awnings
We manufacture our retractable/non-retractable Pram/Dome and fixed Wedge awnings out of lightweight square tubing or reinforced aluminium where the material is attached to the awning frame using either industrial staples or pop-rivets depending on the type of awning. All staples are covered using a rubber trimming. Each awning comes with an optional scallop and webbing trim to match and finish off the awning.

Fold Arm awnings
Our Arm awnings consist of Heavy duty arms that retract back and forth on a crank handle and gear mechanism whilst the material is attached to galvanised steal tubing allowing for it to roll in and out neatly. Our Arm awnings also come with a few optional extras such as tilt adjustment so that you can get the desired angle to suite your surrounding roof angles, a Motorised system can replace the crank handle system and now Even a climate controlled motor that will protrude the awning when it’s sunny and retract when the wind picks up.

Polycarbonate awnings
Polycarbonate awnings are new modern looking awnings put together with sheets of polycarbonate and plastic brackets. They are shatter and wind resistant and are available in four tints namely: Clear, Grey tint, Bronze and Opal white.