Indoor blinds

With materials and textiles Ranging from wood to aluminium or fabric, we have Indoor blinds to suite both you and your homes needs.

We offer a wide range of indoor blind designs such as venetian blinds , vertical and roller blinds. We will come out and give a free quotation and show you the various options available. Our dedicated sales staff are there to offer the best advise on what will be suited to your home or office. The installation team is well trained to install in a neat and efficient manner.

The venetian blinds come in wood and aluminium .
There are 3 slate sizes in the wood namely 25mm , 35mm and 50mm.
The aluminium comes in 2 sizes namely 25mm and 50mm ,plain or perforated.

Our vertical blinds come in a wide variety of textile fabrics from plain colours to patterns and can be shaped around obstructions in your window sills to offer full coverage of your window.

Our roller blinds come in a variety of colours and sizes where you can have either metal or plastic chain. Our options range from full blackout blinds to sheerweave and even our new Zebra blinds which are half perforated fabric and half coloured/patterned fabric.