Outdoor blinds

We have material options to suit everyone’s pocket ranging from PVC to our most expensive textile fabrics. Choose the best option for you! Our quotes are FREE with Installed or DIY options. Here are some product guidelines to consider.

We use reinforced, UV resistant PVC developed for outdoor use and is high frequency welded together. A variety of colour options are available for this choice from white to black. Over the years we have sourced the best first grade materials and our “clear PVC” used for windows on outdoor blinds is the best quality. Enquire about our “Clearview Blinds” made from our thickest clear which is an excellent option if you require more light coming in. These blinds are mostly clear with reinforced borders. PVC is waterproof and easy to keep clean.

Ripstop Canvas and Top of the Range Canvas is sewn with a double stitch. Ripstop Canvas comes in “earthy” colours, while Top of the Range Canvas is available in a choice of striped patterns and plain colours which you choose from a catalogue. Canvas is a popular choice as it has a more natural look than PVC. For the person who would like to go more upmarket, the colour choice is vast. Top of the range Canvas has a 5-7 year warranty offered against fading. We use this material to cover our Retractable pram awnings and Non-retractable awnings (wedge shaped) which we also make. Our frames are aluminium and therefore light and easy to install. You also have the option of having your existing awning frames recovered by us in either Ripstop Canvas or Top of the Range Canvas with scalloped edging, which finishes the awning off neatly.

Our exciting “DIY Outdoor Blinds” option is discounted to you at 30% less for PVC and Canvas materials. Outdoor blinds ordered through the DIY option are manufactured to your requirements and will be supplied to you complete with all the accessories such as the metal, nuts and bolts. If you consider yourself a handyman, this option will be easy. So all you need to do is supply us with the exact size of your openings, along with all your specifications required such as windows, etc and install them yourself!

Please click here for DIY Measuring to find some points to consider when measuring. All accessories are available from our shop.

Note: We do not take short cuts on our materials! Please bare in mind that anything exposed to the sun will deteriorate over time, so all our materials used from the rope to the cotton are UV stabilised.

Care and maintenance of your outdoor blinds: We recommend that you wash your blinds (especially the clear windows) at least once a month with warm water, a soft cloth and Sunlight detergent. This will remove dust and dirt that may cause damage to the window which gets “baked” in by the sun. Never use ammonia based products. Blinds should never be rolled up wet. Zips can be sprayed twice a year with a silicone spray from your hardware store. Secure your blinds properly as high winds could damage them.